Matar a un Hombre / To Kill a Man

Philadelphia Premiere
Winner Grand Jury Award Sundance Film Festival 2014

University of the Arts
Saturday April 26 | 8:00 p.m.

Alejandro Fernandez Almendras/Chile, France/2014/82 minutes/ Spanish with English subtitles)

About the Film

A thriller about a hardworking family man Jorge who is just barely making ends meet. When he gets mugged by Kalule, a neighborhood delinquent, Jorge's son decides to confront Kalule, only to get himself shot in the process. Sentenced to a scant 2 years in prison for the offense, Kalule, released and now intent on revenge, goes on the warpath, terrorizing Jorge's family. With his wife, son and daughter at the mercy of a thug, Jorge has no choice but to take justice into his own hands, and live with the emotional and psychological consequences.

Lines of class and masculinity ignite friction in this rugged thriller, adeptly shot with a discerning eye. Director Alejandro Fernández Almendras elevates raw grit to a new level with a tone that is both elemental and prophetic. Rife with unnerving tension, To Kill a Man is ultimately a surprising exploration of the heavy burden of what it takes to do what the title suggests.

"Subtly intense...a quietly powerful character study!" - Carlos Aguilar, Indiewire