Pelo Malo / Bad Hair

Philadelphia Premiere
International House
Saturday April 26 | 4:45 p.m.
Venezuelan Filmmaker and Producer Mariana
Rondon to introduce and discuss film.

Pelo Malo
Pelo Malo
Mariana Rondon/Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Germany/2013/93 minutes /Spanish with English subtitles

Sponsored by Casa Venezuela

About the Film

The third film from the filmmaker and plastic artist Mariana Rondón, Pelo Malo stars Junior, a 9 year-old with "bad hair". He wants to have it straightened for his yearbook picture, like a fashionable pop singer. This puts him at odds with his mother Marta. The more Junior tries to look sharp and make his mother love him, the more she rejects him, until he is cornered, face to face with a painful decision.


Q&A with Filmmaker and Producer