Tire Die / Toss Me a Dime


International House
Saturday April 26 | 11 a.m.
Screened with:
Forbidden Lovers Meant To Be

Fernando Birri/Argentina/1958/33minutes/Spanish with English subtitles

This print was subtitled by International House and placed at MOMA for national distribution.

About the Film

The first film of the first Latin American documentary film school (The Escuela Documental de Santa Fe), this documentary focuses on the children in the neighborhood known as Tire Dié in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, who wait daily for the passing train to ask for money from the passengers, shouting “Tire dié!” (Toss me a dime!).

Dubbed as the father of the New Latin American Cinema, Fernando Birri was one of the first filmmakers to document poverty and underdevelopment. Tire Dié was part of the exhibition, Latin American Visions, produced by International House, 1989-1991.