Yo, Indocumentada / Undocumented

Philadelphia Premiere
Selected from FLAFF’s LOLA Award
for Best Documentary

University of the Arts
Sunday April 27 | 2:00 p.m.

Sponsored by GALAEI

About the Film

Yo Indocumentada (I, Undocumented), exposes the struggles of transgender people in Venezuela. The film, Andrea Baranenko’s first feature-length production, tells the story of three Venezuelan women fighting for their right to have an identity.

Tamara Adrián, 58, is a lawyer; Desirée Pérez, 46, is a hairdresser; and Victoria González, 27, has been a visual arts student since 2009. These women share more than their nationality: they all carry identifications with masculine names that do not correspond to their actual identities. They are transgender women, who long ago assumed their gender and now defend it in a homophobic and transphobic society.